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REALMEALS.TV: Sweet Potato Fries March 30, 2017

These fries will blow your mind.

Again, it’s David from Austin, Texas showing us how to make the Sweet Potato Fries.

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Title: REALMEALS.TV: Rainbow Chard & Scallops March 22, 2017

Jamie and Jolene from Jersey cook up some delicious scallops and veggies.

Watch Jolene and Jamie from Rigdewood, NJ take us through the quick and easy steps of cooking the Swiss chard and Scallops.

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REALMEALS.TV: Goat Cheese Nugget March 14, 2017

If you were ever looking for an excuse to deep fry bacon and goat cheese… look no further. This will treat you right.

Chris from New York, NY shows us in this video how to make the Bacon goat cheese,
a great little finger food for cocktail parties.

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REALMEALS.TV: Buttery Nipple March 7, 2017

As far as names of cocktails go, this one ranks pretty high. The drink itself is pretty good too.

Once again it’s Joseph Boroski of Monkey Bar New York, NY mixing the Buttery Nipple.
Buttery Nipple is a women’s favorite especially at a Bachelorette party.

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