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REALMEALS.TV: Sweet Potato Fries March 30, 2017

These fries will blow your mind.

Again, it’s David from Austin, Texas showing us how to make the Sweet Potato Fries.

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REALMEALS.TV: Goat Cheese Nugget March 14, 2017

If you were ever looking for an excuse to deep fry bacon and goat cheese… look no further. This will treat you right.

Chris from New York, NY shows us in this video how to make the Bacon goat cheese,
a great little finger food for cocktail parties.

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Sweet Potato Fries November 3, 2016

This fries will blow your mind!

Here, David used a neat trick. You noticed? Yes, he did use whiskey for in the tempura batter! But we would like to discuss the cooking process 🙂

First, David fried the potatoes for a bit unbattered. Then, he took the batter and applied it on the potato pieces. Finally, David fried the battered potatoes. Yummy!

In his professional kitchen, David used a simple pan for frying. We do not recommend it for a regular home use since it produces too much undesirable odor and oil splashes that may cause harm to you or your relatives around you.

To cook perfect fries, we suggest to use a proper deep fryer. Read these Cool Daddy deep fryer reviews to find out which deep fryer suits your needs the best!

Enjoy your fries!

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