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REALMEALS.TV: Yuletide Yam Balls December 28, 2017

This is one of the craziest recipes ever broadcast on For one thing, Mrs. Claus is in drag. Also, you’ll never guess how this recipe incorporates Tang. It’s awesome.

Watch Linda from Orville, California as she fixes some Yuletide Yam balls, one of Santa’s favorite dishes for the holiday.

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REALMEALS.TV: Sweet Potato Cresent Rolls April 8, 2017

These are pretty easy to make and will really impress your friends and family.

In this video, Chris from Seattle, Washington shows us how to make the Sweet Potato Cresent Rolls. The prep time is 60 minutes and the cook time is 2 minutes. They are pretty easy to make.

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Title: REALMEALS.TV: Rainbow Chard & Scallops March 22, 2017

Jamie and Jolene from Jersey cook up some delicious scallops and veggies.

Watch Jolene and Jamie from Rigdewood, NJ take us through the quick and easy steps of cooking the Swiss chard and Scallops.

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REALMEALS.TV: Special Edamame February 11, 2017

Edamame – that healthy snack that goes so well with beer….Here David Kogan gives it a spicy flair that goes so well with, well, anything.

Watch David Kogan from Austin, Texas prepare Edamame a special Japanese appetizer , which is very healthy , budget-friendly, and great for dinner parties.

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Bubby’s Blackberry Pie November 13, 2016

The secrets of Bubby’s famous pie REVEALED! mmmmm…delicious!

Starring Ron Silver is an owner and chef of a restaurant Bubby’s  in New York City. You can also order their homemade pies online.

Apart from pies, they serve traditional American cuisine with burgers, French fries, soups, waffles, and much more.

Too bad Ron does not have a cookbook with his recipes. We would buy one!

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DIY Wedding Cake October 31, 2016

It’s really not that hard to make one of these. It’s kind of shocking. We went to a bakery in Brooklyn, and two fabulous ladies showed us what to do.

Jean Tango presents a wedding cake inspired by a birthday cake!

A few notes about the cooking process.

Shelly is measuring the baking powder and the lemon juice with a teaspoon.

She mixes colors on the table and it can look weird and unsanitary to you… But believe me, those tables are cleaned and sanitized a few times a day. So it’s totally safe and practical to mix on the table. Using cutting boards or multiple bowls is not so practical since you would end up with a lot of dishes to wash. Plus, stainless tables do not harbor bacteria like other surface. So, the cake is perfectly safe, no bad bacteria in it 😉


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